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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

You've just seen what is possible to do as you create audio products of your own. Whether you need to generate more leads, create a bonus, or generate revenue with a new product, you know that the ability to create products - quickly and repeatedly is the key to long-term income from your business.

You may be thinking "I can do that!" - and you're right! But you also have seen processes before that you felt the same way about. And you didn't do them! Why?

  • Lack of time

  • Roadblocks came up to keep you from actually finishing the process

  • You had to invent the systems from scratch - and that took a lot more time than you thought!

  • You ran into technical probems - and didn't have anyone to tell you how to solve them

  • You lost interest and confidence in your idea when it took longer than you anticipated to complete it

  • You just didn't get it finished

In short, you may have tried to do it on your own - through a self-paced course or a home study course - and it just didn't happen. That's why I put this Audio Products Coaching Course together.

Introducing Audio Products Coaching

Here's what you'll receive in this cutting-edge course:

You'll get an overview of each process so that you understand where you're going with your actions. No more guessing what the next step is.

You'll get access to step-by-step videos, checklists, ready-to-use templates, and additional tools. No more hunting for quality, easy-to-follow materials.

You will get detailed assignments that you can begin using immediately to launch your next (or your first) audio product. No more trying to invent your own system for creating audios over and over.

You get to ask questions in the Audio Products Forum for the next 30 days as you create your products. No more "lone wolf" trying to figure it out for yourself!


What's Included In The Audio Products Course?

You'll walk through the steps to creating an audio product. From planning to creation and editing to delivery you'll walk through the full process. You'll repurpose the audio into at least six delivery methods. This is a hands-on 4-week course.

Here’s What You'll Receive

Week 1: Plan your first audio product & outline your repurposing plan

You'll review the different types of audio products already available while you brainstorm your own ideas. Then looking at your target market, you'll formulate a plan for your first audio product - and ways you will be able to repurpose it into multiple formats and locations.

$ 97.00

Week 2: Record and edit your audio

There are so many choices when it comes to recording your audio. You'll explore multipe possibilities, then choose the one that works for you on this first product. Then you'll take the all-important step of recording your audio. You'll be amazed at how quickly it goes together!

$ 97.00

Week 3: Set up sales system for your audio

You'll create either a lead-generating audio or an audio that you sell. Depending on your choice, you'll create an optin page or a sales page. All of the materials you need to finish this critical step are provided - including the "Get It Done" option with my webmaster.

$ 97.00

Week 4: Repurpose your audio

Now that you've successfully created your first audio, it's time to look at the multitude of ways you can repurpose it. Going back to your original plan, you'll put your audio into a new format or a new location as you leverage your efforts.

$ 97.00

Total Value


This course is delivered through a private password-protected coaching site. In that site you will receive:

One lesson per week, carefully paced so that you can both get it done and challenge yourself to do even more!

Videos to illustrate specific steps of selected processes

Checklists that you can use each time you repeat the process - now and in the future!

Templates to speed your results

Access to my rolodex of vendors, including my "overnight" webmaster

And most importantly - a place to ask questions and get feedback on your project, from planning to sales for the entire 30-day period!

Yes, I Want To Become An Audio Product Producer

Plus - You'll Earn Bonuses As Your Create
Your First Audio Product

Because I don't want you to fall into the trap of buying a course, then not using it, I've designed a weekly "challenge." As you complete each of these assignments, you'll be rewarded. So you are not only creating your audio product, but you're also getting a reward! Some of the bonsues you'll receive as you actually learn and use the materials include:

Bonus 1: Talk To Your Webmaster. This special report walks you through the process I use regularly to communicate with my webmaster. Value: $17

Bonus 2: Access to my "overnight webmaster" as well as other vendors I use personally. There's no point in your taking your time to write job descriptions, interview a bunch of unqualified outsourcers, then try to train them in how to do what you want. I've already done the work and you can take advantage of this as you create your first audio product. Value $197

Bonus 3: Sales Letter Shortcuts. This two-part program walks you through the 21 Questions Your Customer is asking as they read your sales letter. Answer those questions - and your sales letter is more than half written! Plus, you'll see the Anatomy of a Salesletter. Value: $17

Bonus 4: Testimonial Guide. Testimonials are one of the most overlooked sources of traffic. But in order to take advantage of that traffic, you need to provide good testimonials that the site owner wants to feature on their sales page. This guide will give you practical advice on creating testimonials that are sure to show up on the 'net. Value $17

So How Much Is The Audio Products Coaching Course?

If I were teaching this 4-week course live, I would charge a minimum of $97 per week. That's a total of $388 just for the course. When you add the value of my rolodex, access to my overnight webmaster, plus the retail value of the challenge rewards, this course is valued at $636.00

But because I believe so strongly that you need to create audio products on a regular basis, I've priced this course at only $197! Just reduced to $97!

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I believe so much in this system that I want to be sure you’re happy.

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with the content of these materials and the quality of help you receive, just file a support ticket at within the first week and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

You have nothing to lose!


Audio Product Coaching - $197

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Access to your overnight webmaster and your rolodex of vendors and programs, including multiple challenge rewards.

Unlimited access to the Product Producers' forum where I can get answrs to my audio product questions.


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Jeanette S Cates, PhD
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